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Play Casino Hold 'Em online card game

Casino Hold 'Em card game

Casino Hold ‘Em is a casino gambling game that is brought to you online from the stables of PlayTech software. This online card game is a deviation of a five-card Poker.

The player is dealt two cards which are to be used along with the five-card flop to get the best possible Poker hand that is played against the house and not against other players. In the online version of Casino Hold ‘Em, thanks to PlayTech software, the computer forms the best possible hand for your.

Play Casino Hold 'Em now!

In Casino Hold ‘Em click on the chips of denominations ranging from 1p up to 100 and then click on AA and Ante layout on the card table to place your wager. The AA is a side bet which is optional. In this online card game the player wagers on whether the first five cards dealt will include a pair of Aces or higher.

Once you click on the Deal tab both the Dealer and the player will be given two cards each with three cards dealt to the flop. The Dealer’s cards remain face down. In case if the player’s cards constitute a Poker hand it will be visible and if there is a pair of Aces or better then the player wins the AA side bet in Casino Hold ‘Em card game.

Opt to Call and carry on playing against the Dealer or Fold and lose the bets. You must place double of the initial Ante bet in the layout in case of Call. Player must Call to collect AA side bet winnings otherwise the AA bet will be lost even if it is a valid hand.

The Dealer’s cards are turned face up and the best possible hand is formed when the last two cards are dealt to the flop. The player wins if his hand is better than the Dealer’s in Casino Hold ‘Em.