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Online Let Them Ride Poker card game

Let Them Ride Poker

Online Let Them Ride Poker is a very unique casino card game that is brought to you directly from the stables of PlayTech software. This is a single player game in which the player does not compete against the Dealer or other players.

In most card games the player has to increase bets all throughout the play whereas in Let Them Ride Poker the player can choose the option to actually reduce his bets.

Play Let Them Ride Poker now!

Prior to the beginning of the online card game, the player must place three equal wagers on the layout table. Then click to select a chip of desired value and then click on the Deal tab. The player will be dealt 5 cards by the house. The player will receive three cards and the other two cards (Community Cards) will be placed face-down at the top of the table.

The player’s objective in Let Them Ride Poker game is to form as good a hand as it is possible with your three cards and the two Community cards. In this Playtech card game the player has the choice to remove one of the bets. In case if the player thinks that the card hand is weak then click on the Pull Out tab. Click on Let Them Ride button if you don’t want to remove a bet.

Open a Community card and the player will have the option to Pull Out one of the bets. Click on Pull Out or Let Them Ride as per your choice. Then the second Community card is tuned over. In case if the player has a winning hand then you’ll win otherwise the player loses the residual bets.

In Let Them Ride Poker the winning table is the left side of the table where each residual bet on the table wins.