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Red Dog online card game

Red Dog

Red Dog card game is also know as Red Dog Poker and is a variation of Acey-Deucy. Brought to online casino players by PlayTech software, this card game is played using only three cards at a time from the standard 52 card deck. A Suit card is not relevant and the number cards carry their face value, Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13 and the Ace is the highest at 14.

To play Red Dog, click on the chips and then click on the layout to place your bets. Then click on the Deal tab where two cards are drawn. If the cards are successive in number like a 4 and a 5 or a Jack and a Queen, then the hand is a Push or a tie and the player’s wager is returned.

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If the two cards are equal in value then a third card is dealt. If it matches the first two cards then the player wins otherwise it is a Tie. In cases where the two cards are neither consecutive nor equal then the Spread comes into play. The number of card values between two cards is a Spread. For example – 2 and 4 have a Spread of 1 whereas 6 and a Queen have a Spread of 5.

In Red Dog Playtech card game the player can opt to Raise (double) his wager or to Call (keep playing without raising) by clicking the respective tabs on the game screen. When the player wins a hand his bet is returned along with the winnings. As a result in case of a Spread that pays Even money, the player receives double of the bet amount in case of a win.

To place the same bet again click on Rebet or on New Game to play Red Dog again.