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Play online Tequila Poker card game

Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is the fastest Poker variant available online supported on PlayTech software. This online card game combines two popular cards games Blackjack and five-card Poker.

Tequila Poker
consists of two different games. First there is High Tequila and the second is Tequila Poker with very minimal variations in the rules between both.

Play Tequila Poker now!

In High Tequila the card points follow the standard Blackjack. Number cards carry face value, 10 for picture cards and 11 for Ace. The cards should carry point total of 46 or more to win.

In Tequila Poker the cards should make the best five-card Poker hand automatically where the player will need a pair of Aces to win. In case if first 4 cards make a winning hand then the game screen will flash the name of the hand automatically during play.

Click and choose your chips from the given denominations of 1p, 10p, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. Then click on the Ante circle on the table layout to place your bet. When clicked on the Deal tab the player will be dealt with four cards and the point total of the cards will be visible on the left of the game screen.

Now the player has to decide whether to play High Tequila, Tequila Poker or Fold. If the player chooses to play then the second (main) wager will be positioned equivalent to the Ante bet. In case if the player chooses to Fold then the player will lose only the Ante bet.

If the player gets a winning hand which is better than that Dealer in Tequila Poker, then the Ante bet pays Even money and the main wager is paid as per the Paytable displayed on the right hand side of the game screen.