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8 Ball Slots from Playtech

8 Ball Slots

8 ball slots is a 3 reel single pay line online slots game from leading gaming software developer Playtech. This Vegas style slot machine has three spinning reels and one pay line. The top coin limit on this online slots game is 2.

You can bet 1 or 2 coins on this slot machine. Coin values go from 0.5 to 5 in the relevant currencies.  The maximum payout on the 8 ball slot machine is 2000 coins and the player takes 2000 multiplied by the coin value staked. There’s lots of scope to win the big bucks here on this Playtech online slots game.

There are two kinds of balls among the icons, striped and in solid colours. The balls are numbered and different combinations of numbers and solid or striped balls spun will get you a different win. The minimum win you can get here on the 8 Ball slot is 2 coins for lining up any three solid balls on the single pay line. To win the big jackpot of 2000 coins, you must spin three balls with the number 8 on the maximum bet.

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The sound effects on the 8 Ball slot machine are very realistic. The spin triggers a handle pull sound and a win is signaled with a bell. Small wins are fairly frequent on this online slots game keeping you hooked to playing more!

Increase or decrease coin value with the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ keys or use the Bet One button. Hit Spin and wait for the reels to stop. If you’ve spun a winning combination you’ll hear the bell. Check the Pay Table to see your winnings and play again! Click on the Bet Max button to place the maximum bet and set off the reels automatically. This makes play quicker and also maximizes your wins.

8 Ball Slots is easy and entertaining. A great slot machine for beginners, 8Ball Slots from Playtech can be played for free or with real money.