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Alchemist's Lab online slots game

Alchemist's Lab slots

Alchemist’s Lab slots game is a classic 3 reel single pay line slot machine from Playtech. This Playtech slot game has 7 possible winning combinations. Going by the alchemy theme, this slot game has icons including gold rings, test tubes retorts and a book. Alchemist’s Lab also has a Bonus round.

The game screen has various alchemist’s apparatus along with an open book. The book shows the pay table with the possible winning combinations and the relevant winnings according to the bets placed.

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The slots themselves are on a scroll like roll which rotates as you spin it. A player can wager anything from 1 to 3 coins. Coin value is £1 each. The scroll rotates after the bet is placed and wins are determined according to the lineup of symbols in the central horizontal line defined by two ornate pointers on either side of the scroll.

To place the bets players must select the Bet One, Bet Two or the Bet Max tabs just below the reels in the Alchemist’s Lab. There are two flasks on either side. The blue flask to the left of the screen tells you the win value while the green flask to the right shows the amount bet on the spin.

To activate the Bonus round in the Playtech Alchemist’s Lab Slot machine, the player must spin 3 books in the pay line. The Bonus round gives the player the chance to pick three bottles of potion with which to make gold. Once the potions are chosen the player sees a visual of gold coins being made. The more gold coins produced, the more money the player wins in this Bonus round of the Alchemist’s Lab online slots game by Playtech.

Play the Alchemist’s Lab online slots game for a fun experience playing on a simple yet classic slot machine. 3 reels with one pay line, this slot game from Playtech has seven winning combinations and a Bonus round too.