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All American Poker review

All American Poker

All American Poker is a classic online video poker game based on the standard 5 card draw poker which uses a 52 card deck and pays out a maximum jackpot of 4,000 coins. The objective of the game is to get a five card hand with a winning combination and you get to choose the number of cards that can be replaced.

With the All American Poker game, you have multiple wager denominations starting as low as 0.10 up to a 100.00 with an option of up to 5 coins per game. Once you have selected the coin value, you can choose the number of coins you wish to wager in three different ways. The first is to click on the Bet One multiple times to increase the number of coins, Bet Max automatically enables a 5 coin wager or you can click on one of the 5 columns on the pay table.

The highest win with the video poker game is a Royal Flush with a 5 coin wager – you can receive a poker jackpot of 4,000 coins. The second highest win is with a Straight Flush on a 5 coin wager or a Royal Flush with a 4 coin wager which awards you with 1,000 coins. The lowest winning combination is a pair of Jacks and any pairs higher than the Jacks also give you a win.

Like all video poker games, you are playing against the house rather than other players which means your payouts are only the strength of your hand and not on anyone else’s which is a definite plus. A special feature with the All American Poker game is that you can you can double or double-half your winnings in a bonus card game by simply picking a higher card than the one selected by the machine.

Like most video poker games, it takes a while to get used to the payouts and work on a strategy, and this is where the free play is really handy. All American Poker game can either be played for fun or played for money and we suggest you play try the game out for as many rounds as you like till you comfortable with the rules before you go out there and start winning!

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