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Playtech online casino game MegaJacks has a Progressive Jackpot and can only be played in Real Play and is unavailable in Play for Fun mode. This is because one of the possible wins, the highest on the paytable in this online casino game is the Royal Flush with the maximum bet, fetches the Progressive Jackpot. In MegaJacks 2% of each bet placed by each player playing in each online casino is added to the game’s common pot and if you get the highest winning combination with the maximum bet then you win the entire jackpot!

The MegaJacks jackpot is put together by all the online casinos that offer the game and contribute a base or seed amount to the pot and after a Progressive Jackpot has been won a new pot is begun again with the seed amount. The seed amount contribution by the online casinos means that if you win a jackpot in a game immediately after somebody else has in another online casino, you still stand to win a large sum. If your online game is disconnected halfway then you can simply reset your internet connection and log back into the casino and continue with your video poker game without placing a new bet or losing your poker hand.

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The lowest winning combination in Playtech video poker game MegaJacks is Jacks or Better, which means any pair with lower cards is not acceptable and the payout is the same as the bet value. This is followed upward on the paytable by Two Pair with twice the payout as bet value; the pairs can be of any value – 3, 3, Jack, Jack. The next winning combination on the MegaJacks paytable is Three of a Kind which is a combination of 3 cards with same value – 7, 7, 7 and the payout is thrice the bet value.

Straight which follows next on the paytable has 5 consecutive valued cards from different suits – 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack of Clubs and the payout is 4 times the bet; above this is Flush with any 5 cards from a suit – 2, 5, 8, 10, King of Spades with 6 times payout to the bet . Full House which is the next higher winning combination on Playtech online Megajacks with 9 times payout to the bet consists of a Pair and Three of a Kind. This is followed by Four of a Kind with 4 cards of same value from all four suits; the payout is 25 times the coin bet.

Next on the paytable of Playtech online poker game MegaJacks with 50 times payout to the coin is Straight Flush which is a variation of Flush with 5 consecutive value cards from a single suit – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of Hearts. The highest winning combination in online poker game MegaJacks paytable is Royal Flush consisting of all the high cards of a single suit – 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of Diamonds; it’s payout is 250 times the coin bet and the Progressive Jackpot on Bet Max.

If you get a winning hand in the Playtech online poker game MegaJacks you can Collect or Double your win. If you opt to collect you can start a fresh deal but if you go for double you get 1 up-facing dealer’s card with 4 down-faced cards to choose from. If you pull a card which is higher than the dealer’s card then your original win is doubled but if your card is lower then you lose your original win. An equal card will give a tie with further options to Collect the original win, Double again or Half-Double, in which only half your original win is doubled with the remainder deposited into your account.

The coin size for each bet is 25p and each click on Bet One increases bet by 25p, you can also click on the paytable columns for increasing the bet; clicking on Bet Max multiplies 25p by 5 giving bet value of £/€/$/CAD$ 1.25 and automatically deals the hand.

To start playing this online poker game click on Deal, click on the cards you want to hold or you can click the Hold buttons under those cards followed by click on Deal again to replace the discarded cards.
In the Playtech online casino game MegaJacks Poker, the current jackpot value is shown in a red strip at the top of the game screen. The bottom row has a casino tool bar which has a window showing your Current Balance, Cashier window to make deposits or withdrawals and Menu window with options of History showing your recent gaming activities, Options for changing settings for game and audio quality. Click on Help opens a game manual for Playtech online MegaJacks and Online Support links you to the customer support for assistance.