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Beach Life Slots Jackpot over 8 Million

Beach Life Slots Jackpot over 8 Million

Beach Life Slots is currerntly boasts the largest progressive jackpot on the Playtech Casino network. The slot jackpot on this popular slot game is at a historic high and that means that it could be won at any stage. As with all progressive slot jackpots, the frenzy that is accompanying the large jackpot means that the jackpot is growing that much quicker.

What makes Beach Life slots an attractive option for slot players is that the bet per line is a set 50 cents and there are 20 lines to bet on. The only way that the jackpot can be won is if you bet max but that is not an unusual thing at either land based or online casinos.

The largest pay out to date on the Beach Life slots game has been for the amount of $4,250,000. The lucky slot player who wins this particular jackpot would almost win double that amount as it stands at present.

At the present time the slot game can not be played by players in the USA. That means that UK slot players have this jackpot all to themselves. There are a number of Playtech Casinos that offer the slot game along with a sign Up bonus.

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